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MBA - International Business
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Dr. Robert Friedemann interviews the two students, Anaïs and Katharina

“For me, the main reasons for the MBA in Zwickau were that I wanted to broaden my focus in order to gain business knowledge and also the individual support and practical relevance that I am offered here. Furthermore, the MBA can be integrated very well into everyday life and is part of my daily routine.

I work through most tasks directly after work, so that I can keep most of the weekend free for my hobbies. When working through the subtasks, you can often fall back on your personal networks, such as the knowledge of fellow students, friends and family, because the tasks come from many different areas. The exchange between fellow students is very lively because many come from different professional backgrounds and cultures. We can all learn a lot from each other and help each other."

Source: https://en.mba-zwickau.de/beitrag/Dr._Robert_Friedemann_interviews_the_two_students%2C_Ana%C3%AFs_and_Katharina

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