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MBA - International Business
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…from graduate to lecturer Romy Ast is lecturer in Intercultural Management

“I started my MBA at the West Saxon University in Zwickau in 2009 and it offered me opportunities in my career that I would not have had otherwise. After graduating, I played a leading role in influencing the MBA because today I am a lecturer in Intercultural Communication in Zwickau, which means that I supervise the Master's students in presence and online modules.

I have a lot of fun because so many different cultures meet and students come here. In addition, I now work for an international company and am responsible for ensuring that these different cultures work well together. The big advantage of Zwickau is that it has small groups that convey a familiar feeling and ensure optimal support. But that doesn't mean that it seems village, but rather that it has a really friendly character between the professors and students.“

Source: https://en.mba-zwickau.de/beitrag/%E2%80%A6from_graduate_to_lecturer_Romy_Ast_is_lecturer_in_Intercultural_Management

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