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…Dr. Robert Friedemann, Lecturer for General Management, reports on his studies

Dipl.-Ing. Friedemann

The five-semester, part-time MBA program "International Business" has been offered at WHZ since October 2008. I attended this program and successfully completed it in 2015.For me, the special feature of the program was that numerous modules were taught via e-learning, which made it very compatible with my professional practice. The presence modules took place at the beginning of the semester, usually integrated into a long weekend. In the fourth semester, we were faced with the question of a stay abroad - Slovakia or the USA?

I decided to stay at the partner institution Alexander-Dubček-University Trenčín because I have many professional contacts to customers and suppliers of the Eastern European automotive industry in my day-to-day business. In addition to the courses, we visited numerous companies, particularly in the automotive industry, which is very strongly anchored in western Slovakia. Other fellow students decided at that time for the USA and completed an equally interesting study stay at Kettering University in Flint/Michigan.

The MBA program offered us the opportunity to maintain our professional activities and to incorporate them into our studies, so that we could continue our education in a truly practice-oriented way. In addition to the specialist, strongly internationally oriented contents such as finance, controlling and marketing, social and intercultural skills were also specifically promoted. We discussed the cultural differences on the basis of various so-called "critical incidents" in order to be successful on the smooth international stage.

A fellow student said in the closing speech of our class: "From the managing director to the quality manager and lecturer to the officer of federal armed forces, a mixed group of students met each other. However, some have only recently started their careers. Due to our heterogeneous education and professional experience, we grew together during our studies and were able to enrich each other both professionally and personally".

Source: https://en.mba-zwickau.de/beitrag/%E2%80%A6Dr._Robert_Friedemann%2C_Lecturer_for_General_Management%2C_reports_on_his_studies

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