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MBA - International Business
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The foreign module

Kettering University

The foreign module in the third semester comprises a maximum of 2 weeks and is conducted alternatively with our cooperation partners from Kettering University in Flint/Michigan (USA) and AlexanderDubček-University Dubček (Slovakia).

Courses at the partner universities and an insightful excursion programme are offered. Afterwards you will be supervised online by your colleagues or write an extensive paper to reflect on your experiences.

“I decided to stay at the partner institution Alexander-Dubček-University Trenčín because I have many professional contacts to customers and suppliers of the Eastern European automotive industry in my day-to-day business. In addition to the courses, we visited numerous companies, particularly in the automotive industry, which is very strongly anchored in western Slovakia. Other fellow students decided at that time for the USA and completed an equally interesting study stay at Kettering University in Flint/Michigan.“ - Graduate of the MBA, graduation year 2017

Source: https://en.mba-zwickau.de/The_foreign_module

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